Success Stories

Its so gratifying when I hear from lawyers that my evaluations helped their clients to obtain their legal status.  Here’s an email I received from a lawyer last week:

XXX (you did the psychological exam for his wife, YYY– re hardship) was granted adjustment of status and the 212(h) waiver on Friday morning. The psychological exam really helped (the Trial Attorney mentioned it – the government did not oppose the hardship after looking at all of the documentation), so thank you. He’s been trying to get his green card since 1998 (!) and the case has been on the Judge’s docket for six years. They were both so happy and I’m sure feel somewhat more free without this immigration issue hanging over their heads. I want to always try to keep you updated about the outcomes of the cases and there have been a lot of good ones lately – and the psych exams are always such a help! So, thanks again.


About lizbcraig

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with expertise in conducting diagnostic mental health evaluations for immigration clients. I have over fifteen years of experience as a clinical social worker, working with people from diverse populations. In my business, LizBCraig, LICSW, I conduct evaluations assessing for trauma in asylum, UVisa and domestic abuse (VAWA) cases, and for emotional suffering in extreme hardship casess.
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