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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with expertise in conducting diagnostic mental health evaluations for immigration clients. I have over fifteen years of experience as a clinical social worker, working with people from diverse populations. In my business, LizBCraig, LICSW, I conduct evaluations assessing for trauma in asylum, UVisa and domestic abuse (VAWA) cases, and for emotional suffering in extreme hardship casess.

Female-specific trauma evaluations

One of the specialized types of evaluations I conduct are with women who have undergone Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) procedures.  These brutal mutilations are still performed, according to the World Health Organization, in 28 countries, mainly in Africa and the … Continue reading

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Domestic Abuse Evaluations

The Violence against Women Act (VaWA), passed in 1994, allows spouses who were filing for their legal status through their marriage to a US citizen, and were abused during this marriage, to file for their legal status independently.  My evaluations … Continue reading

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Hardship Evaluations

I often conduct hardship evaluations, during which I assess the negative impact U.S. citizen family members would suffer if their relative was deported.  Usually, this is a parent and/or spouse. I assess the emotional and financial impact a deportation would … Continue reading

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Clinical Evaluations with U-Visa clients

The purpose of the U-visa is to give immigrant victims of certain crimes temporary legal status and work eligibility in the United States.   These crime victims have experienced a “felonious assault” and have cooperated with the police in helping to … Continue reading

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Reflections on working with asylum seekers:

Having worked for over 15 years as a licensed clinical social worker, I have repeatedly been reminded of how grateful I am for the good things in my life.  My work reminds me not to take for granted for my … Continue reading

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Susan Jacobson website

Thanks so much to Susan Jackobson for having two links to my website on hers.  You can access her website at  This website if full of information for those who work with immigrants, including definitions of terms used in … Continue reading

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How to prepare a client for a psychological evaluation:

 1. It is helpful for the client to call the therapist directly prior to the evaluation meeting to have a conversation about what to expect during the evaluation. 2. Encourage your client to be as open and honest as they … Continue reading

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Why refer a client for a psychosocial evaluation?

Some immigration lawyers use psychological evaluations regularly with their clients.  Others have been slower to identify the strong benefits such evaluations provide.  Here are two (of many) reasons immigration lawyers prioritize clinicial evaluations with their clients: 1,  The impartial nature … Continue reading

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